Our Services
No long-term contracts. We won't lock you into those lengthy 3-5 year contracts, restricting your right to switch security companies if you're unhappy with their service.  We work with a manageable one-year agreement because we know you'll be so satisfied with our service, that you'll want to continue doing business with us again and again.
You own the equipment - putting you in the driver's seat. Don't be deceived by those "free" alarm systems offers.  These systems are often leased under long-term monitoring contracts and when the contract is up - you don't own a thing!  Or the company may "lock" your alarm board, preventing you from using your equipment again!  With David Glenn Security, you buy your system outright.  You get the most recent technology, and it's all non-proprietary, so any security company you choose can monitor it in the future without replacing your entire system.
David Glenn Security L.L.C.
Lower monitoring Costs.  We offer you a low monitoring fee of just $20/month*.  Our local monitoring station in nearby Bucks County provides immediate response to your emergencies, 24/7.  So your pets, valuables, and home are safer - even when you're not there.
 Security With Freedom    
Services to meet your every need:   We can protect your home or business from fire, break-ins, carbon monoxide and rising water.  We have special talents for installing covert nanny cam systems so you can keep an eye on what's going on inside your home from your computer at work. Talk about peace of mind!   Think about how some of  these services could protect your vacation home, too!
 We provide and install Digital Monitoring Products, equipment that includes some of the best products on the market, keeping you safe and secure.